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本文摘要:LONDON — Gemalto, a French-Dutch digital security company, said on Wednesday that it believed that American and British intelligence agencies had most likely hacked into the company’s networks in an attempt to gain access to worldwide mobile phone communications. But it said that the intrusions had only limited effect.伦敦——法国荷兰合资的数字安全性公司金雅拓(Gemalto)周三回应,美国和英国情报机构很有可能侵略了该公司的网络,以便监听全球移动电话通信。

LONDON — Gemalto, a French-Dutch digital security company, said on Wednesday that it believed that American and British intelligence agencies had most likely hacked into the company’s networks in an attempt to gain access to worldwide mobile phone communications. But it said that the intrusions had only limited effect.伦敦——法国荷兰合资的数字安全性公司金雅拓(Gemalto)周三回应,美国和英国情报机构很有可能侵略了该公司的网络,以便监听全球移动电话通信。但它说道,这些侵略活动的影响受限。Gemalto said that the attacks had occurred over two years, starting in 2010, but that the National Security Agency of the United States and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, had failed to gain wholesale access to the company’s SIM card encryption codes.金雅拓说道,反击活动从2010年开始,持续了两年多时间,但美国国家安全局(NAS)和英国的对应机构政府通讯总部(GCHQ)没能大规模盗取该公司SIM卡密钥。


The company is the world’s largest producer of cellphone SIM cards — the small chips that hold an individual’s personal security and identity information — and its networks could have given American and British intelligence agencies the ability to collect mobile voice and data communications without the permission of governments or telecommunications providers.SIM卡是存储个人安全性身份信息的小芯片,而金雅拓是全球仅次于的手机SIM卡生产商,英美情报机构如果顺利入侵了该公司的网络,就可以在没政府或电信运营商许可的情况下,收集移动语音和数据通信信息。This hacking was first reported last week by the website The Intercept based on documents from 2010 provided by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor whose leak of agency documents has set off a national debate over the proper limits of government surveillance.上周,拦截(The Intercept)网站依据前NSA承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)获取的2010年的一些文件,首度报导了这一反击活动。斯诺登之前曝光的情报文件早已在美国引发了全国性的辩论,一些人拒绝对政府监控加以必要容许。“At the time, we were not able to identify the perpetrators of the attacks,” Patrick Lacruche, Gemalto’s head of security, said at a news conference in Paris on Wednesday. “We now think that they could have been linked to the GCHQ. and N.S.A. operation.”“当时,我们无法确认是谁发动了反击,”本周三,金雅拓安全性主管帕特里克·拉克鲁切(Patrick Lacruche)在巴黎的新闻发布会上说道。

“我们现在指出,这些反击有可能与GCHQ和NSA有关。”The leaked documents from Mr. Snowden suggested that millions of SIM cards could have been affected. Olivier Piou, Gemalto’s chief executive, disputed that claim, but he declined to provide an exact figure.从斯诺登泄漏的文件来看,数以百万计的SIM卡有可能都遭到了影响。金雅拓首席执行官奥利维耶·皮乌(Olivier Piou)坚称了这种众说纷纭,但他拒绝接受获取清楚数字。

“At the very most, very little,” said Mr. Piou when questioned by reporters about how many SIM cards were potentially infiltrated.当记者问到有多少SIM卡有可能遭渗入时,“往最糟的情况估算,也非常少,”皮乌说道。The company’s share price rose about 3 percent in afternoon trading in Amsterdam. Last week, analysts had warned that the suspected government hacking could affect Gemalto’s operations, though the company’s stock has fallen only about 2 percent since The Intercept published its article late Thursday.该公司的股价在阿姆斯特丹股市下午的交易中下跌了大约3%。虽然自从拦截网站上周四晚展开报导后,该公司的股价跌幅仅有为约2%,但上周曾有分析师警告说道,金雅拓的业务可能会不受政府侵略消息的影响。

A GCHQ spokesman declined to comment on the intelligence matters, and the N.S.A. did not respond to requests for comment.GCHQ发言人拒绝接受就涉及情报问题公开发表评论,NSA则没对此记者的置评催促。Gemalto, whose customers include some of the world’s largest carriers, including Verizon Wireless and China Mobile, started its investigation into the possible hacking by the intelligence agencies after the company’s share price fell on Friday in the wake of the revelations. It was impossible to independently verify the company’s internal investigation into the hacking.金雅拓公司的客户中还包括威瑞森无线(Verizon Wireless)和中国移动这样的全球顶级运营商,侵略事件曝光后,该公司股价在上周五经常出现暴跌,金雅拓也开始调查情报机构有可能对该公司进行的侵略行动。

独立国家核实该公司对侵略事件的内部调查是不有可能的。The revelations are the latest in a series of suspected hacking activities by American and British intelligence agencies that were made public by Mr. Snowden.斯诺登公开发表了英美情报机构因涉嫌积极开展的一系列黑客活动,金雅拓遭到的反击则是近期曝光的一起。Targets of the surveillance programs have included high-profile figures like Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, whose cellphone conversations American intelligence agencies are suspected of monitoring. The services of a number of the world’s largest tech companies, including Google and Facebook, were also infiltrated, according to the Snowden leaks.这些监听计划的目标还包括德国总理安吉拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)这样的显赫人士,她的手机通话有可能遭到了美国情报机构的监听。

从斯诺登曝光的文件来看,谷歌和Facebook等全球顶级高科技公司的服务也遭了渗入。The tapping of people’s online communications has led to widespread criticism of what is perceived as overreaching by American and British intelligence agencies.监听人们在线通信信息的作法遭了普遍抨击,一些人指出英美情报机构过度行使了职权。“Trust in the security of our communications systems are essential for our society and for businesses to operate with confidence,” Eric King, deputy director of Privacy International, an advocacy group based in London, said in a statement on Wednesday. “The impact of these latest revelations will have ripples all over the world.”“对于我们的社会,以及对于企业经营的信心来说,人们对通信系统安全性的信任是至关重要的,”总部设于伦敦的隐私国际(Privacy International)的组织的宣传部副主任埃里克·金(Eric King)在周三的声明中说道。“这些近期曝光信息的影响将波及世界各地。


”Gemalto said in a news release that it had experienced many attacks in 2010 and 2011 and that it detected “two particularly sophisticated intrusions which could be related to the operation.” But it said that the attacks “only breached its office networks and could not have resulted in a massive theft of SIM encryption keys.”金雅拓在一份新闻稿中回应,它在2010年和2011年间经历了大量反击,找到“两次尤其简单的侵略有可能与情报机构有关”。但该公司说道,反击“意味着入侵了办公网络,会造成SIM密钥的大规模被盗”。In June 2010, an unknown third party, which Gemalto said it now believed was either an American or British intelligence agency, had tried to spy on its communications network. A month later, Gemalto said, emails containing malware were sent to some of its customers, many of which are the world’s largest cellphone carriers. The emails had pretended to come from Gemalto’s employees.2010年6月,曾有人企图侵略金雅拓的通信网络,现在该公司指出,攻击者有可能就是美国或者英国情报机构。


该公司还回应,一个月后,所含恶意软件的邮件被发送到它的一些客户那里,其中很多客户都是世界上仅次于的手机运营商。这些电邮被伪装成来自金雅拓员工的邮件。“We immediately informed the customer, and also notified the relevant authorities both of the incident itself and the type of malware used,” Gemalto said, adding that it had detected several attempts to gain access to its employees’ computers during that time.“我们立刻通报了客户,同时也向有关部门通报了反击事件本身以及这些恶意软件的类型,”金雅拓说道,在那段时间,它找到好几次有人企图侵略公司员工的计算机。The company said that its SIM encryption codes and other customer data had not been stored on the networks that were targets of the attack, and that it had upgraded its internal security software beginning in 2010 to limit the impact of future hacking.该公司回应,其SIM卡密钥和其它客户数据并没存储在那些遭到反击的网络上,而且它从2010年开始就升级其内部安全软件,以便抵挡未来的黑客攻击。

Gemalto did admit, however, that the hacking attempts in 2010 may have given some access to SIM cards based on outdated telecom technology, known as 2G.然而,金雅拓也否认,该公司2010年遭到的反击有可能给不会让某些SIM卡蒙受损失,这些SIM卡使用的是过时的2G电信技术。American and British intelligence agencies are suspected of targeting SIM cards used by carriers in hot spots like Afghanistan, Iran and Yemen, which still mainly used 2G SIM cards in 2010, according to the leaked documents. This technology did not offer the same security protection as the SIM cards that are typically used in Western countries, Gemalto warned.泄漏的文件表明,英美情报机构针对的目标有可能是阿富汗、伊朗和利比亚等地区运营商用于的SIM卡,这些局势紧绷地区在2010年时主要用于的依然是2G SIM卡。金雅拓警告说道,2G技术的安全性不如西方国家一般来说用于的SIM卡强劲。

“If the 2G SIM card encryption keys were to be intercepted by the intelligence services,” Gemalto said, “it would be technically possible for them to spy on communications when the SIM card was in use in a mobile phone.”“如果情报部门求救了2G SIM卡密钥,”金雅拓说道,“从技术上说道,当一部手机在用于这种SIM卡的时候,他们是可以监听通信的。